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Aleš Čermák (b. 1984)

Artist, writer and founder of A-B_HPP (Ausdruck Books Hybrid Publishing Platform – which brings together authors and performers focused on researching hybrid thinking and writing). Aleš has lead many workshops in Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, England, Morocco, Indonesia, India, etc.), and most of these encounters lead to realizing a work. He often takes part in staging works of other authors. Since 2014, he has collaborated with a group of mentally and physically diagnosed (non)actors who actively collaborate on some of his projects (The Citizen and the Thing, The Earth Trembles, All This Belongs to You I, II). His works have been presented at various institutions (Museum of Contemporary Art – Taipei, MuseumsQuartier – Vienna, Gasworks –London, Kunsthalle Bratislava, National Gallery – Prague, etc.), during various events (Liege Biennial, Jakarta Biennial, Jindřicha Chalupecký Award etc.). He is the author of three prose books (Pes nadbíhá kličkujícímu zajíci, 2012; The Twin Ship Tao, 2019; Return.Self.New, 2019 – EN version 2020) and many other texts.

In the last ten years, I have been intensely focused on researching hybrid praxis in the sphere of performative conduct, social choreography, collective action, care and writing. I am interested in an unpredictable, processual, perhaps even alienated subjectivity. This mode of thought prompts me to develop methods which are rather cohesive and autonomous. I am interested in temporary ways of mutual cohabitation which are directly made possible by given social conditions. The individual (participant) undergoes the risk of weakening their sense of self without completely dissolving. Throughout this time, I’ve so far always had the opportunity to work with very diverse communities of people from different parts of the world. From workinging with professional actors and performers, through groups of volunteers of all age groups and religions, with migrants, children, students of art and other fields, with groups diagnosed with some mental or physical handicap, etc. The central aspect of my work is that it is not intended for professional artists, audiences or art institutions, but rather that it ought to be accessible to both artists and non-artists. In recent years, my work has remained so open, that virtually anyone can take part in it.

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Performing and processual works

WORKS█ These works haven't processual character. 


> Performative installation (participatory dramatization of the auditory process)
for blind people & others. In collaboration with Jindřiška Křivánková.

    > SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (sonic) Fiction
    > Francois Laruelle, On The Black Universe Book, Ausdruck Books 2018

    > Scenic essay

    >SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (sonic) Fiction
    Session I&II

    > Film, Performative lecture (with Jindřiška Křivánková & Matouš Hejl)
    Sound excerpts


    > Four hours performance event, Meetfactory 

ENTITIES█ These project have a processual character. Projects are developed over a long period of time. In most cases, they arise in collaboration with different comminities of people around the world. The projects have a largely performative-research character.

[Actual project]

    [Part 2]
    [Part 3]
    [Part 4]
    [Part 5]





> The Twin Ship Tao, novel, 2019
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> Return Self.New, novel, 2019

Return Self.New, novel, English translation, 2020

More texts

● A2
● Skupina

A-B_HPP [Ausdruck Books Hybrid publishing platform]: It is a shifting group of authors and performers focusing on research into hybrid thinking, participatory dramaturgy, choreography and writing.



> The Dust Enforcer, Regional Art Gallery Liberec, Curator: Tereza Jindrová, 2017

Film 2015-2020


    > Trailer

Curatorial texts, interviews and others 

Events: Upcoming, Current, Past 

 ● 2021-2022: The Transversal Navigation (TNN), GAMU

● 12/2020 Portugal
● 10/2020: New Delhi – Cancel 
● 9/2020: Deep Adaptation, Phase: III.: Ecology of Our Juridical SystemArchitecture Biennial Tbilisi, Performance Day in Tbilisi 
● 14/7/2020 Třetí lež, Holešovice
● 22/1/2020 All of this is yours II., performative work with disable people, Studio Alta, Prague
● 21/12/2019 Silver Vertigo / Strieborny zavrat, Group exhibition, Bánská Štiavnica, Slovakia (Kurátor: Jan Zálešák)
● 2/12/2019 All of this is yours II., performative work with disable people, Studio Alta, Prague
● 6/11/2019 Distribution of Flexibility, Lecture, Praha - forum pro architecture a media, Brno
⤷ Book launch - The Twin Ship Tao
● 1/10/2019 Posleních třicet let emancipace vol. 1, Group exhibition, GAVU, Prague (Curator: Boris Ondreička)
● 9/2019: Deep Adaptation, Phase: II.: Ecology of Our Juridical System (3th part of The Earth Trembles project), New Delhi, India
● 22- 25/8/2019: Artu kus Festival, Trutnov
 ⤷  22/8, 20:00 UR-FASCISM, Jakub Gottwald new solo
  ⤷ 23/8, 18:30 Třetí lež
   ⤷ 23/8, 13:50: Superposition
     ⤷ 24/8, 12:00: Common Sense
● 13/8/2019 Lost in Space: dramaturgická spolupráce s hudebním skladatelem Matoušem Hejlem & orchestrem Berg, Pragovka, Praha
14/7/2019 Deep Adaptation (3th part of The Earth Trembles project), DEPO, Plzeň
● 1/7 - 14/7/2019 AIR programme, DEPO, Plzeň
● 25/5 - 7/7/2019 ·₀iy·rb·e₁··wh Er₁trht··er₂·m, Solo exhibition, galerie města Blansko
●3/2/2019 DERNIERA Třetí lež, Meetfactory, Prague
● 1/2/2019 DERNIERA The Twin Ship Tao aka SuperpositionDUP39, Prague
● 27/28/291/2019 Common Sense, performative installation for blind & others in cooperation with Jindřiška Křivánková, DUP39