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Aleš Čermák (1984), artist, writer and founder A-B_HPP [@ausdruck_books hybrid publishing platform]. I focus on research of hybrid thinking in the field of performativity, identity, social choreography (bodily, but also somatic practices and care) of collective action and writing. I am currently working on my PhD. thesis with title No-one & No-where: The Expropriation of Subjectivity.

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Performing&processual works⇃


Performative installation (participatory dramatization of the auditory process)
for blind people & others...

SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (sonic) Fiction
Francois Laruelle, On The Black Universe Book, 2018

Scenic essay
The Twin Ship Tao Book 

SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (sonic) Fiction
Session I&II
Spoken word

Film, Performative lecture (with Jindřiška Křivánková & Matouš Hejl)

Po okraj ... / To the edge, 2013 - 14
a four-hour performance event 


• [Part 3]
• [Part 5]


The Dust Enforcer, Regional Art Gallery Liberec, Curator: Tereza Jindrová, 2017

Film 2015-2017

Curatorial texts and more texts

██████_████______██___ Events: Upcoming, Current, Past_ ██████------------------████████████

● 2021-2022: TTN, GAMU

● 5/2021 Prague Spring with composer Matouš Hejl 

● 11/2020: Clara, performative project feat. Jan Bárta (CreWcollective)

● 10/2020: New Delhi

● 9/2020: Deep Adaptation, Phase: III.: Ecology of Our Juridical System, Architecture Biennial Tbilisi, Performance Day in Tbilisi 
● 16/8/2020 Tohle všechno patří tobě II, Žďár nad Sázavou
● 14/7/2020 Třetí lež, Holešovice
● 22/1/2020 All of this is yours II., performative work with disable people, Studio Alta, Prague
● 21/12/2019 Silver Vertigo / Strieborny zavrat, Group exhibition, Bánská Štiavnica, Slovakia (Kurátor: Jan Zálešák)
● 2/12/2019 All of this is yours II., performative work with disable people, Studio Alta, Prague
● 6/11/2019 Distribution of Flexibility, Lecture, Praha - forum pro architecture a media, Brno
⤷ Book launch - The Twin Ship Tao
● 1/10/2019 Posleních třicet let emancipace vol. 1, Group exhibition, GAVU, Prague (Curator: Boris Ondreička)
● 9/2019: Deep Adaptation, Phase: II.: Ecology of Our Juridical System (3th part of The Earth Trembles project), New Delhi, India
● 22- 25/8/2019: Artu kus Festival, Trutnov
 ⤷  22/8, 20:00 UR-FASCISM, Jakub Gottwald new solo
  ⤷ 23/8, 18:30 Třetí lež
   ⤷ 23/8, 13:50: Superposition
     ⤷ 24/8, 12:00: Common Sense
● 13/8/2019 Lost in Space: dramaturgická spolupráce s hudebním skladatelem Matoušem Hejlem & orchestrem Berg, Pragovka, Praha
14/7/2019 Deep Adaptation (3th part of The Earth Trembles project), DEPO, Plzeň
● 1/7 - 14/7/2019 AIR programme, DEPO, Plzeň
● 25/5 - 7/7/2019 ·₀iy·rb·e₁··wh Er₁trht··er₂·m, Solo exhibition, galerie města Blansko
●3/2/2019 DERNIERA Třetí lež, Meetfactory, Prague
● 1/2/2019 DERNIERA The Twin Ship Tao aka SuperpositionDUP39, Prague
● 27/28/291/2019 Common Sense, performative installation for blind & others in cooperation with Jindřiška Křivánková, DUP39